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Champion Angler

Champion Angler is the most valued award for the Mulwala Classic anglers. It is awarded to highest weight of legal caught murray cod per individual angler.

1993 Dave Vasic 1994 Wayne Connors 1995 Rod Cockburn
1996 Sam Holden 1997 Paul Nicel 1998 Craig Stratford
1999 Craig Stratford 2000 Murray Smith 2001 Robert Cockshutt
2002 Wayne Connors 2003 Philip Keetelaar 2004 Derek Blow
2005 Roger Miles 2006 Troy Mitchell 2007 Brett Suckling
2008 Michael Bressan 2009 Danny Simpson 2010 David Trickey
2011 Rick Jones 2012 Cameron Jones 2013 Roger Miles
2014 Michael Massier 2015 Chris Burbidge 2016 Kyle Dalrymple

Largest Murray Cod

The title speaks for itself. Weights derived from NSW fisheries research

2014 Biggest Cod Winner

Year Winner Length (mm) Weight (kg)
1993 Dave Vasic 660 5.7
1994 Rob Gaden 880 14.6
1995 Paul Kneller 880 14.6
1996 Sam Holden 870 14
1997 Lindsay Hamley 800 10.7
1998 Dick Stanton 1030 24.3
1999 Murray Smith 710 7.2
2000 Richard Cummins / David O’Loughlin 840 12.5
2001 Michael Bressan 920 16.8
2002 ? ?
2003 Philip Keetelaar 990 21.4
2004 Roger Miles 950 18.7
2005 Daryl Hansford 870 14
2006 Adam Pascoe 800 10.7
2007 Ian Franklin 790 10.2
2008 Greg Rourke 1140 33.8
2009 Joel Mellen 1200 40
2010 Rob Jones 860 13.5
2011 Chris Burbidge ?
2012 Gary Bolger 940 18
2013 Matt McLellan 910 16.3
2014 Roger Miles 902 15.7
2015 Roger Miles 890 15.1
2016 Paul Healey 1162 35.81


2016 Results

Mulwala Classic

2016 Champion Angler

The 2016 Classic has been run and won by Kyle Dalymple in tough Mulwala conditions. A thunder storm, high winds, big waves and plenty of rain saw anglers ducking for cover on Friday with a majority of the field fishing the top end of the lake and river. Only 11 legal cod were caught on Friday and 41 undersize fish. Only one fish was caught over 64cm, and that was a cracker from Paul Healey at 116.2cm which took out the Largest Murray Cod category.

Competitors where greeted with slightly better conditions on Saturday but still tough windy conditions. As always a few anglers found the fish and a tight contest at the top was the result. Cameron Jones caught more cod, but Kyle caught better quality and won by 1.36kg from Cameron. Only 1.75kg separated 3rd (Derek Blow), 4th (Craig Leehane) and 5th (Russel Aston) who were only one quality fish away from the leading two.

124 Cod in total were caught for the event compared to last years 212 cod and 251 cod in 2014. Saturdays tally of 27 legal and 45 undersize fish where up by 20 cod from Friday, which was not unexpected given the conditions.

Champion Angler Kyle Dalrymple  21.21kg
Runner Up Champion Angler Cameron Jones 19.85kg
Largest Murray Cod Paul Healey 1162mm
2nd Largest Murray Cod Derek Blow 850mm
3rd Largest Murray Cod Cameron Jones 800mm
Most cod caught Cameron Jones 7 cod
Zero catch card Shane Melrose
Hat Rack Zac Jury
Biggest Golden Perch Craig Leehane 554mm
Fish Totals
Murray Cod - Legal Size (550mm)   38
Average Size   507mm
Murray Cod Total   124

2014 Da$h for Ca$h Winners

Da$h for Ca$h

Peter Kromenko & Phillip Keetelaar won the Sunday Da$h for Ca$h earning them $1,000 and a Lowrance Elite 7 sounder. One fish caught second cast for the day was all it took to win, with only 6 legal fish being caught. Mick & Wayne Conners took second and Tim Baulch & Shane Melrose 3rd place, each earning themselves a Lowrance sounder and swag for their efforts.

1st Place Peter Hromenko & Phillip Keetelaar 814.05 pts
2nd Place Mick Connors & Wayne Connors 780 pts
3rd Place Tim Baulch & Shane Melrose 684 pts

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2015 Results

Mulwala Classic

2014 Champion Angler

Chris Burbidge consistently caught quality fish over the 2 days to take out the 2016 Mulwala Classic over a fast finishing Rick Doyle. Chris registered 7 fish in total with all but one being of legal size. Rick surged home registering 8 fish on the last day, but with only 2 of them being legal he was left shy of Chris's 2 day total.

Roger Miles tried for a clean sweep of the biggest cod prizes but Cameron Jones had other ideas with both guys registering an 86cm fish.

Champion Angler Chris Burbidge  29.59kg
Runner Up Champion Angler Rick Doyle 26.16kg
Largest Murray Cod Roger Miles 890mm
2nd Largest Murray Cod Roger Miles 860mm
3rd Largest Murray Cod Cameron Jones 860mm
Most cod caught Rick Doyle 10 cod
Zero catch card John Pumpa
Hat Rack Wayne Everson
Biggest Golden Perch Phil Cockshutt 490mm
Fish Totals
Murray Cod - Legal Size (550mm)   100
Average Size   538mm
Murray Cod Total   212

2014 Da$h for Ca$h Winners

Da$h for Ca$h

It seems 2 fish is better than one big fish in the dash, with Robert Vandelft and Warren Urquhart taking home the cash & Lowrance sounder. Tim Brown and Clint Kearney registered a 97cm cod which was only good enough for 4th place with all of the top 3 registering their 2 fish.

1st Place Robert Vandelft & Wazza Urquhart 1340 pts
2nd Place Trent Royston & Michael Maxwell 1278 pts
3rd Place Glen Scobe & Tony English 1228.5 pts


2014 Results

Mulwala Classic

2014 Champion Angler

Michael Massier came home stronger than the rest of the field jumping from 4th to take victory from Stephen Deitrich with 24.13kg of murray cod. Roger Miles had another great year taking out the biggest cod on the first day with a 902mm, and winning the Da$h for Cas$h with partner Derek Blow.

Champion Angler Michael Massier  24.13kg
Runner Up Champion Angler Stephen Deitrich 23.102kg
Largest Murray Cod Roger Miles 902mm
2nd Largest Murray Cod Greg Rourke 870mm
3rd Largest Murray Cod Terry Jenkins 830mm
Most cod caught Michael Massier 10 cod
Zero catch card David Steward
Hat Rack Rick Jones
Biggest Golden Perch Paul Thompson 540mm
Fish Totals
Murray Cod - Legal Size (600mm)   59
Average Size   555mm
Murray Cod Total   251

2014 Da$h for Ca$h Winners

Da$h for Ca$h

1st Place Roger Miles & Derek Blow 148 pts
2nd Place Tony English & Glen Scoble 145 pts
3rd Place Ray Hillam & Greg Walton 95 pts
No Place Tony Bennett & Mick Miller 79 pts

2013 Results

Roger Miles took out the 2013 title with a combined total of 24.8kg of murray cod. The dual crown winner repeating his win some 8 years prior. The 2012 winner Cameron Jones was runner up champion angler with a total of 21.7kg.

Champion Angler Roger Miles  24.8kg
Runner Up Champion Angler Cameron Jones 21.7kg
Larget Murray Cod Overall Matthew McClean 91cm
Larget Murray Cod Casting Richard Cambridge 80cm
Largest Murray Cod Trolling Col Tissem 67cm
Most cod caught (inc undersize) Craig Stratford 6 cod
Zero catch card Gary Cooue
Hat Rack Michael Bressan
Fish Totals
Murray Cod - Legal Size   42
Golden Perch   26
Weight of legal fish   225kg

2012 Results

Champion Angler Cameron Jones
Runner Up Champion Angler David Trickey
Larget Murray Cod Overall Gary Bolger
Larget Murray Cod Casting Chris Bundle
Largest Murray Cod Trolling Scott Thompson
Most cod caught (inc undersize) Cameron Jones
Zero catch card Jim Taylor
Hat Rack Don Richter